Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Crazy friends, lucky me

I count myself lucky that I have friends who share the same love of whimsy, love of animals, and love of art and creating that I do. It's good to have company. It would be a sad and lonely world without them. It would be an even sadder world without whimsy. Gotta love whimsy.

Occasionally, one of my friends will mention something that just sets off my imagination. I think in pictures. Doesn't everyone? I seriously wouldn't know. My brain could be odd that way. However, when my friend Kate wrote that her dog Doug brought in the mail from his evening walk, I knew she meant her husband had stopped at the mailbox on his late night walk with Doug, but this is what I saw in my mind's eye:

In the Kingdom of Coco, anything is possible.


  1. More accurate then you might think, though Doug is not quite that dignified.

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  3. Oh I love this! My husband has a collection of Robert Harrop's Doggie People figurines and this makes me think of them. It would make a great figurine!


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