Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The clock is ticking!

I was asked to make a baby hat for a baby named Lucy. She's 10 weeks old, and the hat is going to see her into the spring. Since I know little Lucy is growing, growing, growing, I am anxious to get it to her proud grandmother, before it's too warm for her to need a hat.

I put a butterfly on this one, because Lucy's grandmother and I have a bit of a history. Her grandmother is Toni Ferrara, a Canadian children's author. She wrote a picture book called Butterflies and Birchbark a few years ago, and I had the honour of illustrating it. I thought a butterfly would suit little Lucy perfectly.

Many thanks to Toni for commissioning this little hat. The money will go to the Lyndhurst Feral Cat Project, so we thank her for supporting LFCP as well.


  1. Sweet hat, and a really nice pompom. I am always impressed by a good pompom.

  2. Truly beautiful, and the added butterfly a perfect finish.

  3. The hat is the perfect shade of pink and I love the symbolism of the butterfly.


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