Thursday, November 24, 2016

Festive Cats in Santa Hats

Sometimes the best ideas sneak up on you. At least, they sneak up on ME. Several months ago, I was doodlin' around with my watercolour pencils, and came up with this image:

I thought it would make a good greeting card. And then, because the universe works in strange and magical ways, I learned how to make a truly repeating image for fabric design. I took that image to Spoonflower, and ended up with Festive Cats in Santa Hats fabric. So, what should I do with THAT, I wondered?

It seemed logical that I could make Christmas gift bags with it. Right? And, of course, I needed beads for the ends of the drawstrings. I searched through my stash, and found the perfect beads. These came all the way from Kenya. My niece was there a couple of years ago, volunteering at an orphanage as part of her final college requirement. She brought me several strings of these lovely locally-made beads. Perfect for my bags!

But, what to put inside the gift bags? Festive Cats in Santa Hats cookies, of course!

So, now I have 6 (SIX!) and only 6 gift bags of cookies in my freezer, where they are safe and sound until Christmas. I've decided to offer them up for sale, to fundraise for the Lyndhurst Feral Cat Project. $20. ea.  I think they'd make good Secret Santa gifts.

The gift bag is re-useable. It comes with a matching gift card, and is filled with 6 individually wrapped Festive Cats in Santa Hats cookies.

Oh, and by the time it took to type this, 2 of them are already spoken for. :( Please leave me a comment, if you'd like one. I could mail them, but unfortunately, they'd cost about $15. for postage. :(

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