Saturday, November 26, 2016


Ha!Ha! I don't know why it's already time to be thinking Christmas thoughts and cringing at cheesey Christmas songs, but my brain is in full Christmas mode. I finally got around to doing something I've been planning. I knit 2 pairs of thrummed mittens for 4 of my favourite hands on earth.

They are knit from Patons Classic Wool. Instead of wool roving for the thrums, I used some left-over Briggs and Little Country Roving which is 5 strands of un-spun wool. I separated 2 strands at a time to make each thrum. It works extremely well. These mittens will be very warm, and the wool Country Roving will felt down into a soft insulated layer over time. Right now, they just seem kind of bloated. :) They're the kind of mittens that should last a very long time.

In the name of science, I made one pair with a thumb gusset (the black ones on the right) and one pair with an after-thought thumb. Neither was any easier than the other, so I'll be curious to hear back from the recipients which style works best.

Now, on to the rest of my Christmas to-do list.


  1. Thrumming, a totally new word for me, so( quite ashamed I am ) I had to Google it.What a fantastic way to make warmest mittens, hats and slippers, I have some rovings packed away somewhere, so will add this to my LIST of things to try. Did you wash them to felt them up a little? Keep warm up there.

  2. Very nice mitts. Someone will have warm hands. I made a pair of those, once and my son loaned them to his then girlfriend. Somehow, I lost my mitts in the breakup!

  3. There is nothing nicer on your hands on a cold winter day than thrummed mitts. I always wear mine to the football games at Mt A. The recipient(s) will love these!!


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