Monday, December 13, 2010

Motorcycle Madness

Copyright Cheryl Coville 2010

Someone close to Grandma Coco’s heart bought himself a motorcycle this year. It seemed like a silly purchase for a man with grey hair and high cholesterol. It seemed like the quintessential mid-life crisis. However, I’ve watched how much joy his bike has given him as he’s explored all the roads within a day’s ride of his home this spring, summer and fall. And I noticed how reluctantly he put his bike away for the winter.

When I saw some pre-printed motorcycle panels at, I just knew I had to make a quilt for him. The quilt is intended for him to keep beside his chair to curl up in as he dreams of next year’s rides. (And it's a secret (for now)! I don't think he reads this blog...)

The panel had motorcycles and speed boats and racing cars. I bought 2 panels to get enough motorcycles for my 20 block quilt. Then I fussy cut the motorcycles and used them for the centres of Attic Window blocks.

It seems to have the Cassie seal of approval.


  1. Love it! Gotta live while ya can. What a lucky guy. I am sure he is going to love it.

  2. What a cool sis! and one very luck Bro....
    Very nice quilt..He'll have lots of roaming dreams under that one!!

  3. Wow - I love that quilt - the pattern is really striking and shows off the novelty print without letting the novelty print tell the whole story. I know "he" is going to love it --- just gorgeous! Hugs - Judy

  4. Very nice. The colours are lovely.

  5. Aww...very nice! :) That will keep him happy until the snow melts. :)

  6. Wow love the quilt...luck brother...what pattern did you use..would you share...



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