Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rave Review for the Cosy Quilted Cap and Mittens Patterns

First of all, I have to confess that Grandma Coco's not the best of housekeepers. That's just the truth. Every once in a while, when cleaning can no longer be denied, I clean. Grudgingly. Recently when that happened I unearthed a magazine clipping that I had saved. It was the very first magazine review of my patterns ... the Cosy Quilted Cap and Mittens. And it's dated Fall 1994.

Obviously, Grandma Coco's no spring chicken. That's for sure. She started designing patterns way back before the age of computers....when all patterns were printed paper ones. And mail order meant waiting for the mailman. The world moved slower then and I remember how pleased I was that someone, anyone had taken notice of my designs.

Mary's relatives in their Cosy Quilted Caps
One evening, out of the blue, I got a phone call from a lovely woman, a writer named Mary K. Young, who had seen the patterns at a show in Toronto and made them up as Christmas presents for several of her relatives. She proposed an article to the Canada Quilts Magazine and she interviewed me for that story on a stormy January day in Perth ON. (How flattering to be taken seriously! Grandma Coco wishes that kind of experience for all her readers.)

On top of all that, Mary loved the designs.  She wrote,  "Every once in a while there's a good idea, a really good idea..........[the Cosy Quilted] Mittens and Cap, two great ideas."

I fear Canada Quilts Magazine has now gone the way of the dodo bird but I still have my magazine clipping ... and the memory.

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