Tuesday, March 1, 2011

¡Quilt Fiesta! winner and some surprising findings

Copyright © Cheryl Coville 2011

Don't you hate that artificial suspense they put you through on some of those TV shows? We sure do. So, here in the Kingdom of Coco, we're cutting right to the chase......We're pleased to announce the winner of  ¡Quilt Fiesta! – Surprising Designs From Mexican Tiles signed by the author, Cheryl Lynch herself is
Marcia W 
We've already emailed Marcia so as soon as we have her mailing info we'll be sending her the book. It's not too late to win a book. Head on over to Cheryl's blog to find out which blogs are still offering a chance to win a copy.

We were thrilled to have so many visitors to the Kingdom this week. So many new friends. We were happy to find that a substantial number are humble quilters who toil away on old and trusty machines. We must form a club or maybe a support group.

March is definitely coming in like a lamb this morning. Full sun and around the freezing point. Not like yesterday. We had freezing rain and ice and more rain and then some snow for good measure. Usually we fill some containers with drinking water when ice is in the forecast because our water pump runs on electricity but yesterday we got caught napping. Literally. The power went off around 5 am and didn't come back on until noon.

We were toasty and warm with our woodstove for heat and Grandma Coco had a number of projects she could work on that didn't require electricity but Mr. Coco had other ideas. He decided it was the perfect day to sort through some of Grandma Coco's stash of non-quilting fabrics. They've sort of clogged up the closet for a while now. So we dragged the boxes out to the living room where it was warm and set to it.

What a treasure trove! A veritable archeological dig! Old curtains. Upholstery fabrics. Old dressmaking fabrics...some from our grandmother (the original Grandma Coco). Felt. Hems cut off ready-made cotton skirts from the '80's! Metres of polyester that nobody sews with anymore. Burlap - in 3 colours! Silks. Satins. He was right. There was a ton of stuff that we didn't need to store.

....or DID we? Grandma Coco suddenly heard a little voice. A voice she tried to resist. But it was too insistent and too seductive. And what it whispered was this:
Fabric Postcards! 
Clearly Grandma Coco is a weak woman and she has persuasive friends. Monika and Sue and Elaine and Heather and lots more Maple Leaf Quilt Guild members, look what you've done.


  1. OH good idea. I like postcards too.
    I have a bunch of fabric I have set aside that I decided I would use to make shopping bags. I will have to keep the postcard idea in mind.

  2. Oh you are so funny!

    : )

    Thanks again for the plug! Totally - start making them. Make them and make them and then by the time the holidays roll around, you have it all done to mail out to loved ones. ; )

    persuasive Monika.

  3. Thank you for the giveaway prize of the Quilt Fiesta book. I look forward to receiving it and some good bedtime reading and dreaming about my next project.


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