Friday, September 2, 2011

Mr. Toast's Creative Tuesday

Copyright © Cheryl Coville 2011

Grandma Coco is a little rattled. She found this cool new site where illustrators share their work and Cheryl immediately set to work on a new piece. She thought the due date was next Tuesday. Seems it was LAST Tuesday and now she's got this pretty fabulous little drawing (sez she!) and no one to show it to. What a shame. Being the absolute and unapologetic egotist that she is, she's just going to post it here. Fab is fab, after all.

The theme is was Ideal Coffee Break. Grandma Coco has never climbed a tree in her life. She's actually pretty scared of heights. When we were kids, our older cousin broke her arm climbing a tree and we think the hysteria that ensued scarred her for life. We wish we were the kind who could throw caution to the wind and scramble up the ladder and dance around the rooftop like Mr. Coco does when something needs doin' up there. As it is, we like to keep our feet on the ground. So, in our perfect world.... where dreams can come true.... this would be our ideal coffee break.

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  1. I found that too through Describe Happy's blog!! Oh I love your drawing : )))) It's super.
    Happy Long!


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