Sunday, September 4, 2011

Peaceful knitting

Meditation is supposed to be pretty good for us. It's supposed to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Of course, a purring cat can do that for us, too, but there's always the litter box issue.

 You can meditate in many ways. You can sit cross-legged in a quiet room and empty your mind. (Harder than it sounds, really.) You can concentrate on your breathing .... in...and...out.  In...and...out. You can pay big bucks to take a course or find a guru on a mountaintop. We've tried some of these meditational gambits. (Not the guru. We're afraid of heights, remember.)

But, did you know that knitting rates high on the meditation meter? It's been proven. You can look it up.

All summer long we've been working on this same scarf. Inch after inch, mile after mile. We've only stopped now because we've run out of yarn and really there is a limit to how long a scarf can be and still be useful. We know the joys of simple, repetitive knitting. It's only a 4 row repeat that is easily memorized. Pick a luxury yarn and you have this amazing tactile experience.

And that brings us to the next point. After all that mindless knitting and after all the relaxation we got from the process...... after all the calming and soothing and quieting of our mind, we now have a pretty darn nice scarf to give someone.

Now that this scarf is complete, we'll just start another.

Details and pattern stitch can be found here.
A chart for the stitch pattern is here.
Email us if you have questions.


  1. Beautiful. My sisters and I crocheted Prayer Shawls for each other and filled each one with prayers as we completed the projects. To this day each and every time I don my Shawl I feel wrapped in prayer.
    It was a wonderful way to meditate on each one of my sisters as I had no idea which one would receive the shawl I created.

  2. a beautiful scarf it is! Love the simple pattern lines.

  3. I like to think of it as the Zen of knitting. I use it to slow my mind down it is going a million miles an hour. Knitting in rounds works best for me, because I can just go around and around without a care in the world. Meanwhile a sock or a mitten magically appears. And I am told that they are extra warm, because of all the love knit into them.


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