Friday, May 25, 2012

A girl can never have too many bags

Love Will Find Us
Copyright  © Cheryl Coville 2012
That's a quote from Kate and we agree wholeheartedly. We love bags. We love them for holding all the projects we have on-the-go at any given moment. We have one that's very special to us because Stephanie made it and she made a sweet label that she stitched inside. The fabric she used features cats and mice because she knows how much we love cats. (Mice?...not so much.) We keep all our quilting templates in that one and always know where to find them.

Not too long ago, our friend Karen told us about Spoonflower. Yesterday, we got a little envelope in the mail from them. We put one of our drawings on fabric and sent for a couple of test swatches to see how they look for real. (It's one thing to see them on the monitor and quite another to see them on fabric.) Spoonflower allows you to buy an 8 inch test square so we ordered one of each. The cool thing is that 8 inches is useable!!

This morning we decided we'd take the day to play. (So, what else is new?) And we made ourselves a knitting project bag from Love Will Find Us. SO MUCH FUN!!! It shouldn't even be legal. The second fabric swatch is a variation with white lettering. Both fabrics are now available for sale since we've seen and approved them.

The really interesting thing is that last week when we were at Taylor's Sewing Centre (our favourite local quilt shop) we fell deeply in love with the flowered fabric in the photo. It was on sale and it didn't take too much convincing for Cheryl to let Grandma Coco have it. We didn't have a project in mind for it. We just liked it. And, look! It's perfect for this bag.


  1. See, I told you a girl always needs another bag! And a fine bag this one is, too.

  2. Love your bag and your design! I've never heard of Spoonflower. Just went to their site. What an awesome idea!!!

  3. Not only just another bag, but one with your own design! You will go down in history! I spend too much time looking thro Spoonflower, perhaps I should take the leap and design my own perfect fabric?! I was thinking it should look like a credit card...


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