Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pulling on our big girl panties

We received so many supportive messages from our cyber friends. Thanks to everybody who took the time to reach out. There's not much creating going on right now but we'll make the most of what little there is. We'll fake it 'til we make it, as they say.....

Fortunately, for us, we have other people's work to show today. Our friend, Maria, finished her Papa Bear Sampler Scarf. She made it as a gift and we're sure the recipient will love it. We forgot to ask exactly which yarn she used but we know it's acrylic. Maria was unable to steam the finished scarf. Instead, she pinned it out and wet it well and left it to dry. This is interesting! because she got very good definition of her textured stitches even without resorting to "killing" the acrylic. We'll file that little tidbit of information away and pull it out some other day when we need to block the supposedly unblockable acrylic. This is how we learn, isn't it? We try. We pay attention. We share the info. And everybody benefits. Thank you, Maria. Your scarf looks great!!

Maria's Papa Bear Sampler Scarf

A couple of weeks ago, we pulled out a few cookies from the stash of baked ones in the freezer. We're still using up the lemon sugar cookies. We decided to paint them with Royal Icing in a dainty flower design. We gave them each a base coat of white and when that was dry we added leaves and flowers with waxed paper decorating cones in the same way you might paint leaves and flowers with a brush. Each cookie is unique because we didn't have a plan for uniformity. We played with 8 cookies in all, got tired and put the rest away. We are sure the sugar we've been main-lining since January is one of the causes of our low mood so, what to do with these 8 cookies? Back in the freezer they went. Each one in his own plastic wrapper.

~Please, feel free to drop by for tea. We'll have cookies waiting for you!


  1. I'll be right over...well after the heat lets up, maybe. Those cookies are lovely. I can imagine them served at a trousseau tea, in the brides colours. Do they have those any more, or am I showing my age?

  2. I wish I could stop by & share a cup of tea with you! I have been off the sugar for a few months now so I'd have to pass on eating the cookies, but I'd LOVE to see them. They look so pretty in the photo! We could talk about macrame... I know - I could teach you a new macrame pattern & you could teach me how to do something with yarn other than tangle it:)

  3. Maria did a lovely job on the scarf and you did a super job on those cookies, especially for someone who is not feeling very creative lately. I'm sure they are as delicious as they look. They wouldn't stay long in my freezer here LOL.


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