Thursday, July 5, 2012

We have company

Just a quick news flash this morning before we head off on a wild day of shopping, chores and hospital visiting....

Our very good friend and faithful blog commenter, Kate, has taken the plunge and started her very own blog.......
Have a look:


  1. Thanks for the heads-up Cheryl - most appreciated. Kate will have an interesting blog for sure!

  2. Hi Cheryl. I had a nice visit over at Oates and will be here again.i'm on vacation in New Zealand and having a lull and wanted to visit with my Blogging friends. Very foggy this morning. Am looking forward to seeing the sun and getting some photos. Will send you some when I figure out how. Pats. Love those cookies. Oh, I'll have to take some pics of tikis and then you could make tiki inspired cookies.

  3. Thanks for introducing Kate. Hope your Dad is doing O.K.


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