Friday, July 6, 2012

With a little help from our friends

... and strangers.

We're re-running a drawing from last year because ... well, we just like it. We like the sense of caring and concern that one lady has for the other. We all need that from time to time. A friendly word. A comforting touch. Sometimes we need to receive compassion and sometimes we get to be the strong, helpful one. This past week, we've been on the receiving end of kindness. It has been greatly appreciated.

On this fiercely hot and non-air-conditioned (at least here, in the Kingdom of Coco) day, we were randomly tooling around the internet and happened on a very timely post from a new-to-us blog ... Y.O. in the House

Karen points out that we're all dependent on each other. What a great place this would be if we all tried just a little bit harder to help each other out.

Just like Karen, we had an interesting experience this past weekend. We were visiting our dad in the hospital on Saturday when the cafeteria was closed. A little old lady appeared with a twenty dollar bill all scrunched up in her hand asking if we knew how to get into it. We told her it was closed but there were vending machines available. No machine for changing her bill though. :(  The sandwich she wanted was a measley $3.50 so we offered to buy her lunch. "Lunch is on us!", we said. And that's when we realized she was mentally not all there. What would have happened if we'd just stopped at "The cafeteria's closed."? She probably wouldn't have starved but she would still have been hungry. As for us, we've been floating all week on the high we got from doing something nice for someone we didn't even know. Something that cost us nothing, really, in the great, grand scheme of things.

That same high is out there waiting for you. 


  1. What a kind and thoughtful gesture! You have that whole "pay it forward" thing going on here! It does leave a good feeling, doesn't it?

  2. Love your sketch and love your kind gesture to the woman at the hospital. It is true, one does get a lovely high when doing a good turn for another, especially someone we don't even know. Have a great week.


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