Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How could we forget our cat quilt?

It did get finished. It really did. And, it's already been put to use. This morning, I finally remembered to drag it out onto the back lawn in the full, bright sun to take its picture.

This is the quilt that was done quilt-as-you-go. Scrappy to the extreme. Colour is such a tonic for me. Here's the back, which is much more controlled than the front. The joining strips on the front are pieced from the scraps cut from the blocks when I trimmed them to size for assembly. The strips on the back are the same fabric as the binding. I think I'll be using this quilt with either side up. I like them both.

And here's a closer look at it hanging over the rail. See the dog? That's the portrait I did YEARS ago in memory of our old dog, Daisy. I thought she'd like to be among all those cats.

And guess which block interests Inspector Cassie?


  1. I was wondering how the quilt was coming. It looks like such fun.

  2. No wonder the quilt took such time - look at all the detail. It's beautiful! I *love* the fan border and the scallop it creates to frame your blocks. Do you suppose in real like Cassie and Daisy would have hit it off?

  3. Nice job, Cheryl! One of these days/years/lifetimes I'll get around to making my own cat quilt.

  4. The quilt is beautiful and I love how you remembered your beloved dog in one of the blocks. Very sweet.


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