Wednesday, August 13, 2014

We've got our pompoms on!

Pompoms! Up until today, I've been total rubbish at making pompoms. They're a complete mystery. My mother used to make them with a piece of cardboard. They turned out fine. Apparently, I didn't inherit the pompom-making gene. :(  I offer the floppy old pompom on the large hat below as proof.

When I was a child (maybe around 1960) I received a pompom-making thing-a-ma-jig for Christmas. Hard plastic. Lime green. Different sizes, maybe? You wound the yarn and made pompoms and then you made things from the pompoms. I've been wishing I still had that toy, quite apart from the fact that it's probably very valuable as an antique by now. But, this morning, in the mail, I got a Clover Pom-pom maker. The large size kit, with 2 plastic makers for pompoms makes 2-1/2 inch and 3-3/8 inch pompoms. And, boy does it ever work!!

I found that you can vary the size of the pompom by filling it less (or more). My first one's a little big. That's the orange/red one in the middle. For the second one, I just wound fewer wraps of wool. There was very little trimming required to get a nice round pom. I'm sold on this gadget. Cassie gives it 2 paws up, too!

These 3 hats are going to the kids way up north via the Warm Hands Network. BTW See the elephants? I guess next time I ought to put in polar bears.


  1. Congrats on mastering the pom-pom! These hats are really cute and I think the children up North will love receiving hats with elephants on them.

  2. I am sure the northern children know about elephants. Or are they Wooly Mammoths?


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