Friday, August 1, 2014


We've been on a bit of a mitten jag lately. These were fun. One of the standard Scandinavian mitten styles involves a pointed tip. That pointy part just seemed perfect to us for folding over to make an owl. Two close shades of yarn make a pretty boring fair isle, but perfect for allowing the over-all 'owl-ness' of the eye details to shine through.

And then, of course, we wondered what they'd look like in miniature. Owl egg cosies. Also fun.

We didn't keep very good notes on these. We did them during our hiatus.....March, maybe? We did note that we cast on 38 stitches for both sizes. Curious, right? Worsted weight for the mittens and fingering for the egg cosies.


  1. Oh my gosh, these are just too cute! I so wish I could knit...but alas, have tried and my brain started hurting! So, I'll just have to admire your wonderful mittens from afar! Wonderful whimsy idea!

  2. Love the button eyes on the egg cozy owl, they are both adorable.

  3. !!!
    Green & yellow owl mittens!? Would they fit me? Are they for sale!??? Oh my ... email me??


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