Wednesday, November 19, 2014

To distract you while we work on those bats

I'm very happy to be part of a Canadian initiative providing warm woollies to kids in Canada's far north. It's called Warm Hands Network. They have a Ravelry group which is very active.

Recently we had some CBC coverage, and made some new contacts.  We heard from a man in Cape Dorset who works in the local school. He says many of the kids live in poverty. There are boys who wear baseball caps in winter because that's all they have. It's -50C up there. As a Canadian, this makes me sad. If it makes you sad, too, you can do something about it. Knit something! and mail it to the organizer who lives in Ottawa. Join us! You can find all the details and the mailing address at the above link.

Here's a wonderful graphic that one of the members made to show all the places we've sent knitting in the 7 years that the Warm Hands Network has been in operation.

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  1. Great that this organization rec'd some news coverage. It's a very good thing that they and you are doing!


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