Monday, November 30, 2015

Baby shower

Yesterday was the Big Day! We had the baby shower for my niece. I was really glad I'd got that cake topper completed early, because a couple of weeks ago, I did a  whoopsy to my back and leg. Ouch! Fortunately, Mr Coco came to my rescue and helped with the cake baking, etc. Together, we produced this:

Not too shabby, eh? The cake itself is about 12 inches in diameter. Vanilla with a raspberry filling and real buttercream icing on top. There is a whole pound of butter in the icing, and I had very little left over in the end.

There was one surprise though. Remember the pink tiled 'floor' beneath the bunny's tub? It was a bright hot pink. I had it sitting on my dining room table which doesn't get direct sunlight. By the time I finished the cake, it had faded to a very pale (nearly white) pink. :( I used Wilton paste food colouring. Burgundy. If anyone knows what may have happened, please leave a comment.

And, of course, Grandma Coco, made the baby a little pink sweater and hat set. It's tiny and precious.....newborn-sized...... which will probably only fit her for a minute or 2.


  1. I live the picot edges on the sweater and hat.
    I was wondering if the sugar crystalized to fade the colour of the tile floor.

  2. Cake is stunning, and what a sweet sweater set. It is a keeper for sure, as a reminder of how tiny the baby once was. Your niece must have been so thrilled to receive such wonderful gifts from her uber-talented auntie.

  3. You did an outstanding job on this cake! Everyone must have been delighted with it. The sweater set is adorable too. You should be very proud of all your work.

    I have no idea why your tile floor faded. I use Wilton food colouring quite often when not using Americolour and I've only had colours darken the longer they sit. Did you use Wilton's Gel or liquid?


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