Monday, November 2, 2015

Full speed ahead

I got the green light on the Cowichan sweater. The wool was promptly ordered from Wool-tyme in Ottawa, and it arrived in record time. So, now, there's just the little matter of the knitting.

Working in such a chunky gauge is new to me, and requires some getting used to. Last night, I realized that I had started pulling the wool too tight when I switched into a new pattern. There was nothing for it but to un-do several rows and try again. I really want it to be right!

And, besides, I have a supervisor to please.


  1. And the supervisor has matching colours, no wonder the scrutiny continues. Years ago I knitted a cardigan for my Dad, with a pattern of deer on the front. And, yes, it was in thick yarn, and I did have to be careful when changing colours. If the colour carried on further, I looped the contrasting wool in behind the other wool every 2 or 3 stitches, so it didn't leave huge loops at the back . Your yarn looks lovely

  2. Looks gorgeous, I feel good looking at your wool!


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