Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Catada Day!

By Royal (GC) Proclamation, today is
Catada Day!

That means it will be a Cassie day for everyone!


We will rise when we have slept enough

and we will play until we’re tired and need to sleep again

or until we’re hungry and need a snack,
whichever comes first. 

Furthermore, our beloved monarch, Grandma Coco,
in her infinite wisdom, has declared the following:

There will be no fireworks,
because that’s just a complete waste of money
and scary for the kitties.

No crowds, because that’s just a pain.

And no visiting dignitaries,
because, frankly, who needs ‘em when we have Cassie?

Fascinators are optional

There will also be, as usual, full maid service
and universal health care for all!

May you all enjoy a Cassie day no matter where you live.

Happy Catada Day, everyone!

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