Sunday, July 17, 2011

We've got mail

Lots of stuff in our mailbox this week.....

First, and maybe prophetically, we received a birthday card from an old friend. The message is embossed in braille. Some of you may not know that Cheryl is a certified braillist for the CNIB and did, at one time, volunteer her time to transcribe books into braille. The sender of the card is someone we met while doing the braille course. That's one of those happy accidents on the road of life where we meet new friends along the way. Her card arrived before our eye problem. Once our problem developed we did talk to Mr. Coco about how fortunate it is that we had already learned braille. Unfortunately, we read braille by sight. (We know. Weird but true.) To learn to read the dots by touch would be the second half of the battle.

Also in our mailbox, fabric postcards that Canada Post was holding hostage. Finally freed, they found their way home. First there was an envelope from our new friend, Linda, from Dublin, Ireland. She included a whole treasure trove of fabric squares, ribbons, buttons and trims for future cards all in the colours of the Irish, white and gold. Thank you, Linda!! Also, she mentions that the notecard she sent is the one she based her postcard on. So, the postcard is a lovely interpretation of a landscape photograph with the reflections of trees in the water. The back of the card says it's Roundstone Bog, County Galway. Beautiful! And well done, Linda!

Also....Diane's Summer Road Trip card which she says is her first attempt at thread painting. Very nicely done, Diane! I hope I'll get to see Dana Point, California, someday, too.

Monika's Lake Life postcard arrived as well. Always a joy to receive a card from Monika. This time, we've displayed the back of it so you can see how our post office does business.  No fooling around!They cancelled the stamp with a black magic marker! Thanks, Monika. Love the way you made the froth of the waves with couched fluffy threads.

Elaine's Beach Bum card rounds out the lot. So cute!! Elaine's been going through her own problems this summer and this card was made before that. We hope she'll find her footing again in time.



Now, in an effort to find OUR footing....or at least to try to carry on as if we will, we've made a little doodle for what we're planning to call our "Yakity Yak" segment. Remember that old song that had the chorus "Yakity Yak, don't talk back." ?  Well, we want to talk back. Whenever we want to respond to someone's comment, we're going to do it here in our Yakkity Yak spot. The doodle isn't great....we have no depth perception after all and everything's still blurry.....but it's a start. Check out the weirdness in our left eye. That's intentional. Creepy, or what? :)

BTW, does anyone know why a lack of depth perception would inhibit one's ability to spell???? We just realized we said we were 'greatful' for the emergency eye clinic. Really? Greatful??? Please forgive us.

To Kate.....what kind of tea do you like? We'll make sure to get some in. We spent a good part of last winter perfecting our recipe for scones after we saw a feature on Regional Contact (CBC Ottawa) about tea time at the Chateau Laurier Hotel. We'll have to bake some for our next tea party. We are so happy you have fun here in the Kingdom. Fun is what we're all about.


  1. Oh - I got the same bundle of goodies from Dublin Ireland! What a sweetie she is!


  2. Most any kind of tea but Earl Grey. I have some afternoon tea from the Empress Hotel in Victoria. That should go well with your scones. I like blueberries in mine, please.

  3. What a funfilled mailbox it was... exciting to receive so many wonderful little treasures.

  4. Oh! haha Cheryl - I see half of the back of mine. ; ) You are so sweet. lol (I told her it was so bad, she can't post it). lol


  5. Cheryl
    you are more than welcome to the few goodies I sent. I hope your eye problem is getting sorted out for you.
    Best Wishes
    Linda in Dublin


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