Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heat Wave Coping Strategies

A fan. A seat. A quiet activity. Headphones and podcasts. Beverages with ice. A furry friend.

We continue to knit on the Open Twisted Rib Scarf. That Knit Picks Aloft laceweight is very choice. Did we mention that it's 75% mohair and 25% silk? There are 246 yards of it in a 25 grm. ball. We have 2 of them. They're the Celestial colourway. (We also have 2 in the Cranberry colourway.) The silk doesn't take the dye the same as the mohair so it makes a very attractive mottled yarn.

We found the stitch pattern in an old book of knitting stitches. It's a multiple of 5 stitches plus 3 and shown worked flat. However, we've also worked it in the round for the cuff of socks. It's a simple one to figure out for working in the round.

We are chart lovers. We think you're either someone who appreciates charts or you're not. We do. We've therefore tried to chart this stitch pattern and we offer that here, for anyone who might like it. (We haven't had much experience making charts so if you find an error, we'd be grateful if you'd please let us know.) For this chart, we've marked EVERY row. So, start with 1 and work to the left. Then, for the 2nd row, read the chart to from left to right. Simple.  To print the chart, left click on the image and it should enlarge for you to print it successfully.


We talk back!

To Kate: Not sure if you're a chart lover but if you are, we hope this helps. We'd love to see your finished scarf when you're done.

To Sophie: You are very young to have picked up the fine art of sucking up so well. However, we were thinking something red for you for Christmas. :)

To Stephanie: Glad to know you are already exposing little Sophie to the finer things in art/knitting/quilting blogs!! :)  It's never too early to start indoctrinating the next generation of craftsmen.


  1. looks like you got our heatwave!! 43 on the humidex one day. insane. last night was actually cold in comparison. CUTE picture!!! : )

  2. I hope Sophie will be as interested in the finer things in life as I am! And she is very much looking forward to her "something red" for Christmas. She's going to be so cute! :)


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