Monday, July 25, 2011

Just what the doctor ordered

Stitch Markers and other assorted wire work

We had the most wonderful weekend. We had guests! Adult guests and adult conversation. (No! Not THAT kind of adult conversation .... just the kind where you're not constantly being interrupted by a high-pitched voice demanding something.)  It was lovely.

Yes, it was unmercifully hot but we re-discovered the pleasures of ice cubes and G&T....and mint! An excellent addition. There is fresh mint aplenty in the flower beds of the Kingdom of Coco, free for the plucking. We had good food and good company and good conversation and a whole lot of laughter.

As well, Grandma Coco and her guest played with THE BEADS!!! Such fun. We started out to make simple stitch markers for LM's knitting because she's knitting with a very ornery ribbon yarn and really needed to keep track of her stitches. That led us into wire work. As we all know, that's the Slippery Slope! As if any of us needs another hobby. (!)  LM is a potter. A real one, with a wheel and a studio. She's going home to make some more clay beads so the next time she visits we can really go wild!!

We were having so much fun, we forgot entirely to take photos. What a shame. LM took 6 lovely stitch markers home with her.... all unique....all beautiful. They're made specifically for size 8 mm needles. These are the largest stitch markers we've ever attempted. So, although we don't usually knit lace on such large needles, we made a couple, too. (We're so easily led, as you all know.)

The red one should look familiar since that's an extra bead from our white summer cardigan and the green one is made with rolled paper beads we rolled ourselves and one of the MANY rabies/license tags we accumulated over all the years with our dogs and cats. We've saved them with the thought that one day they'd come in handy. We think that day has arrived.

For a good tutorial on making stitch markers, we like this one on the Bad Cat's blog.

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