Sunday, October 2, 2011

Groovy, man!

Grandma Coco is not afraid to admit she's old enough to remember the macrame era of the late '60's, early '70's. Clunky plant hangers were all the rage. We never really took to it. Knot (!!) sure why. :)  However, it is said for every thing there is a season and it looks like our macrame season is now.

Yes! This is the micro macrame we talked about way back in the summer when we didn't have a snowball's chance in you-know-where of seeing the beads, let alone the tiny holes. But now, with the return of our eyesight, it's full speed ahead.

We saw some bracelets online somewhere many months ago and we haven't been able to get them off our minds. There isn't a whole lot of info to be found on the internet so we did what we always do. We bought a book. We ordered Micro-Macrame: 30 Beaded Designs For Jewelry Using Crystals and Cords by Annika deGroot. Then we started to assemble our materials. We had to order the special cord from Bello Modo. And of course, we had them throw in a few beads while we were at it. (Great service, BTW. And only $1 for shipping.)

We picked a design from the book....Zig-Zag Bracelet from page 48....and then we changed it slightly by subbing in the beads we had on hand because we find it really hard to follow rules.  Turns out, it's very forgiving. And not nearly as complicated as it looks. We have a whole winter of beady fun by the woodstove to look forward to.


  1. Oh my, this takes me back. I was obsessed with macramé back in the day and taught evening classes at the Winnipeg YMCA. We made the most intricate and incredible hanging coffee was, as you say, groovy :) Your bracelet is lovely. Now that my eyes have turned with that same obsession to quilting, I see fan blocks nestled together in a chain. Do you suppose the two mediums could be combined?

  2. Lovely piece! I too remember all the rage of macrame back in the day. Wow. Been a long time.

  3. Pretty snazzy :)!
    Stay inspired!


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