Tuesday, October 18, 2011

If this is Tuesday ...

... then it must be time for another installment of the Papa Bear Sampler Scarf adventure. We've had a very busy week but we're zoomin' along on our scarf. So many attractive stitch patterns to choose from. This week's is called Twisted Texture.

There are now 47 stitches on the needle. Remember the 5 garter stitch border stitches on each edge.

Row 1 (Wrong Side):  purl
Row 2: p1 * C2B, p1;  repeat from * to end.            
C2B= Knit into back of 2nd st. on needle, then knit first st.,
 slipping both sts off needle at the same time.
Row 3: k1, * purl into 2nd stitch on needle and then purl first stitch, slipping both stitches off needle at the same time, k1; repeat from * to end.
Row 4: knit

Repeat these 4 rows, 9 times. (36 rows)

Note that you start with Row 1 (the wrong side) on the left of the chart and note also the strange stitch symbols which I made up. Hope it’s clear. Please ask, if it’s not.

Work the separator section:
Knit  5 rows this time in garter stitch, increasing 1 stitch (by knitting into front and back of one stitch) somewhere in the middle of the last row.  (48 stitches total)

So far, so good! Only FIVE! sections left. 
And don't forget, we have a little gift for anyone who sends us a photo of their completed scarf.

For a .PDF of these instructions, click here.

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  1. Pattern six if done and have printed the latest. Thanks Cheryl. This is looking lovely.


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