Friday, October 28, 2011

In our mailbox

In today's mailbox.....2 more Haunted Houses postcards from a swap over on Postcard Cottage. On the left is Tamara's with a terrific bat which we think she cut from a Hallowe'en print (So cute!!) and on the right is Regina's who also made good use of Hallowe'en printed fabric. It's fun to open the box and find such beautiful postcards inside.


  1. Neat. I love getting mail but I have only received one postcard so far. These are cute.

  2. Awesome! LOL - I love the one that is tipping over! hehe


  3. Hi Cheryl, thank you for the message about how to get the button onto the blog. I will try it asap. I really like this scarf knit along, and have of course added it to my to-do list. which isn't too long for knitting, so it is actually in forseeable future! michelle


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