Monday, December 26, 2011

Beware the Boxing Day Crowds

We've had an unusual reaction to our cookies. Oh, Karen tried to warn us but would we listen? No.

We put out plates and platters and trays of our cookies. We smile and say, "Cookie?"  People oohhh! and ahhhh! but there are very few takers.

They're delicious. Really. And, we're very fastidious in our preparation so we're pretty sure it's not a hygiene concern. No, it seems to be more of a "they're too pretty to eat" problem. Shoot! We keep trying to tell people we have to see these consumed so we can make more but it makes little impact. In fact, the only people who actually eat these things are very small children and certain varieties of men ... most notably, the kind who carve out a big hunk of the cake you're planning to take to your potluck tomorrow and then act all surprised and wounded when you threaten to divorce them.

We can assure you we have photographed each and every cookie with the greatest of care. Its place in history is well documented. There is absolutely no reason NOT to eat them before they go green with mould and heavy with dust and the odd stray cat hair.

Grandma Coco has decided she'll have to take extreme measures. When you're out in the malls today, braving the crowds, be sure and guard your shopping bags.

Copyright Cheryl Coville 2011


  1. Try "mixing them up" on the plates. It might be easier to eat one if they don't appear too "uniform". You know..."this one might not be missed" syndrome could kick in! Ha!
    I'll accept any crumbs!


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