Monday, December 12, 2011

Snow Dudes

Cookies by Coco

Edited January 10, 2012 - We are new at this cookie decorating adventure so it might be interesting to note how these dudes ended up.  Clearly, we still have lots to learn.

Grandma Coco says, "Welcome to the Kingdom of Coco!"


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  2. You definitely have been having fun with your new icing play ;).
    Stay inspired!

  3. Goodness! You could easily and successfully go into the specialty cookie business! Your cookies are better than anything I've ever seen - and I'm a cookie and cake decorator as well. These, and all the others you've been showing are absolutely delightful and wonderful! Love them all! (Previous comment removed because I missed spotting some typos. Corrections in this one.)

  4. Almost too good looking to eat. Almost. They are works of art.

  5. These are adorable. Especially love the snowman in the cute how he is looking up!

  6. Cheryl -- those scarves!!! They must have taken SO MUCH patience!


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