Sunday, December 18, 2011

What kind of person are you?

Are you a dog person?

Copyright ã Cheryl Coville 2011

Or a cat person?

Copyright ã Cheryl Coville 2011

The world seems to be made up of one or the other. Grandma Coco is definitely both.

Once she sets her mind to a task, she is also doggedly determined. Ha!Ha! With her learner's permit in hand, she decided to make a second run at sugar run-outs. Kittens and puppies this time. As Monika was quick to notice, these are like icing appliqués. We're sure only a quilter would make that connection. They were made to sit on a 2 inch x 4 inch cookie. Not delicate by any stretch. More of a man-sized cookie.

We made the puppies first and used parchment paper as the base. Parchment paper won't tape down. It keeps curling up and that produced the first of our problems.....they're not really level.

Secondly, the cookies aren't level either so some of the puppy feet are sticking out of the base coat. That makes them pretty fragile.

The kittens were made on waxed paper which will tape down but we still had the unlevel cookie complication. No matter. We offered cookie first-aid where necessary and we'll be eating the evidence shortly.

Coco's Cookies

We are undaunted. We'll definitely try this technique again. We just need to go even smaller and simpler next time. That's the beauty of a learner's permit. We can try and fail and yet, not BE failures!

Cookies for Kate! who is definitely a cat/dog person. (Such a cat person is she that she fosters kittens from the humane society. Kittens! For fun!!!) However, she'll have to settle for enjoying her cookies cyber-style since she lives so far away and these are so delicate they'd have to be kept on life-support and hand-delivered. Not a job for Canada Post!


  1. Thank you. I love my cookies. Did I enjoy eating them too? Although they look to pretty to eat and this way they will never get stale.

  2. I love your dog and cat cookies! I have often done royal icing transfers and I always do them on waxed paper with the end of the paper taped down. When your cookies don't bake even, you can trim the edges by cutting into the cooked cookie with the cookie cutter while the cookie is still warm.
    Kate sounds like a wonderful lady and I'm sure that she will love these cookies...even if only cyberly :)


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