Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Catch of the day

We take our motto very seriously around here. You know....."Every day we get up and play".... We really do. We are aware it makes us look a little unfocused ...like maybe we need a good dose of ritalin.....but, really, who cares? Certainly not us. We're like dogs that way. We catch a scent on the breeze and we run with it.

While we're waiting for our new sugar run-outs to dry in between colours and when we're tired of knitting on our new socks.....and while we're waiting for inspiration to strike for our new drawing commission.....we  finished another micro macramé bracelet.

It uses a lot of the same beads as we used in the last one .... the one with the fabulous dragon fly button closure. We seem to be in a little bit of a purple/fuschia rut ..... a great rut to be stuck in, if you ask us. We haven't amassed a huge stash of beads yet so we thought it safer to acquire beads that would at least look nice together. We expect to branch out (colour-wise) soon. It just takes time....and cash. (Sigh.)

We made tags to attach to our bracelets because these are for gifts. The tag-making was almost as much fun as the bracelet-making.


  1. Very pretty bracelet. I love the colors and design.

  2. Congratulations of the new drawing commission! Whoever is the recipient of this bracelet is one lucky person. It is beautiful!


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