Sunday, February 19, 2012

L'idée du jour

We keep jotting down new ideas. Some go in our sketchbooks and some in little notebooks we keep with each project. Some go in our calendar. Whatever's handy. We just jot them down as they come to us and most of the time, they hibernate. Sometimes they get lost and never see the light of day again. Sometimes just writing them down is enough to scratch the itch.

And then there are the ideas that keep tickling us. They wake us up at night and whisper to us, "What do you suppose would happen if....?" We've learned these are the keepers, the ones where we can get excited enough to see them through. Duetta was one of those ideas. She's been sitting around for at least a couple of years. Maybe longer. A sketch in a book. Lonely. Patiently waiting her turn.

Today, we're working on another one of those persistent ideas. Here's what we've got so far but this is just the beginning. We have very grand ideas for them.

~ Happy Sunday!


  1. Can't wait to see this idea realized. I work the same way - write it down wherever, whenever; I find notes everywhere. As Smith and Smith used to sing (way before the Red Green days), "It's all part of the fun."
    Man you knit fast...!!

  2. Really curious to see the finished project. I know it's going to be lovely.


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