Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy G-Day!

One of the great advantages of having your own kingdom is that you get to make the rules. Grandma Coco loves this aspect of kingdom ownership. You get to decide the calendar, too, and you get to dictate which holidays make the cut. Today marks one of the highlights of the Kingdom of Coco calendar. Ta-Da!!! 

Happy Groundhog Day!!!

CoCoCookie ... Copyright © Cheryl Coville 2012
Oh, you can have your Christmases and your Hallowe’ens with the malls all tarted up for weeks in advance with stuff to do and stuff to buy and stuff to wrap up and give. No, we think Groundhog Day is one of the better holidays. A saner holiday. No real advance planning to worry about. No lists. No hype. Martha Stewart’s not much interested in it so there’s no one setting the bar absurdly high.

We recognize it has a fairly weak backstory, to wit, according to tradition, the lowly groundhog will awaken from his slumber and poke his head outside his burrow. If he sees his shadow (ie, if the sun is shining) legend has it he’ll be scared back into his snug little home where he’ll sleep for another 6 weeks until spring arrives. On the other hand, if it’s cloudy, there won’t be a shadow for him to see, will there? Either way, we’ll still have to wait 6 weeks for spring. Lame, right?

CoCoCookies ... Copyright © Cheryl Coville 2012
But sort of sweet at the same time. And harmless.  And in a climate as bleak as February in the Kingdom of Coco, we’ll take any excuse for a holiday.

So, it is our pleasure on this winter morning to salute Gordy Groundhog (Official Groundhog of the Realm) and thank him for setting his alarm clock for such an early hour and for being such a good sport. We imagine him emerging from his cozy abode, squinting and shielding his winter weary eyes from the sun’s glare dazzling off the snow, and thinking, “I don’t know about you, but I’m going back to bed.”

Now, that’s a holiday Grandma Coco can really get behind.

~ Happy Groundhog Day to all!


  1. The scope of your Kingdom knows no bounds - you even have your own groundhog!
    Looooove the beautiful cookies, Cheryl. The detail is as amazing as you.

  2. Happy Ground Hog day to you and all in your Kingdom! We outside of the Kingdom are quite excited that the official countdown to Spring has begun, shadow or no shadow. We also think that you are a wonderful ruler of your Kingdom and think that your special cookie to mark this occasion is just too darn cute!

  3. Cute cookies!! I love Groundhog's Day too!


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