Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shhh........Top Secret

We're working on something secret.....TOP secret. It's pretty exciting and it's taking up all of our time. So.....that means, there isn't much to show today. Sorry. However, since we know you didn't come here just to hear that, we'll attempt to divert you by showing you what the mail man brought. Actually, it's what the mail couple brought. Out here in the middle of nowhere, we have a lovely couple who drive the icy roads, risking their lives to put important things into our big ol' mailbox. Look what they left for us today!

Aren't they beautiful? They were handmade by http://bastillebleu.com/  We are very excited about these beads. We think they'll look wonderful as the closure beads for our micro macramé bracelets. We really had to restrain ourselves and only order 2....this time. :)

And finally, here's what the world looked like here in the Kingdom yesterday morning.....

Do you see a cookie in there?

~ Hoping everyone's got something exciting to work on.....


  1. Those are very pretty! My husband gave me a glass bead making class one year for my birthday, and it gave me a whole new respect for those hand made beads!!

  2. The beads are lovely and whatever top secret project you are working on, I hope it's going well and that uou are having fun with it.


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