Sunday, January 22, 2012


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Our friend, Kate, has got us thinking about mice. Country mice and city mice, to be exact. And about how we're all one or the other when it comes right down to it. She has this theory that the important thing is to be content with who we are, wherever we are. When the Illustration Friday prompt was announced ("Twirl"), this is the image that sprang to mind.

We're not sure if this little dancer is a country mouse or a city mouse but she seems happy.

By the way, after we drew it and scanned it and looked at it on the monitor, we realized we hadn't drawn a tail for her and we know from our experience as country mice ourselves that real mice have surprisingly long tails. We've decided to tell you this: You know how all those cute little ballerinas wind their long hair up into neat buns? Well, that's what mouse ballerinas do with their tails. You know, to get them out of the way.

(But, really, who're we kidding? We just forgot to draw one.)

~ xoxo


  1. And here I thought her tail was behind her and out of sight! :-)

  2. I would have never noticed that the tail was forgotten. Cutest little dancing mouse :)

  3. I didn't realize that YOU WERE DRAWING all these gorgeous sketches on your blog!! You are SO TALENTED!! (Now I REALLY can't wait to see your cookies!)


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