Thursday, January 12, 2012

Freezing Rain Warning

If there's one thing that strikes fear into the hearts of those of us who live in the Kingdom of Coco, it's a freezing rain warning. Rain, we can deal with. Snow, not so great, but we can deal with that, too. Freezing rain? All bets are off. Driving becomes difficult and if the ice continues for long enough we can lose our power as we did during the Great Ice Storm of 1998.

This is what it looks like outside our door this morning.

And this is what it looks like inside.

Ice? What ice?

So, if you'll excuse us, we're off to paint some cookies.

~ Drive carefully, everybody.....

1 comment:

  1. We had the freezing rain yesterday too but today, just lots and lots of snow. Saw the bad accident on the 401 by your area yesterday (one the news). If you don't have to travel...please don't..enjoy decorating your cookies :)


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