Friday, January 13, 2012

Let it snow!!!

The freezing rain of yesterday gave way to plain ol' rain overnight. And now it's moved on to snow, snow, snow. That means there's probably a good layer of the slippery stuff under the snow that's falling now.

One lonely birdie ... but the others are just camera shy. A few minutes later and this was a hive of activity once again.

But we don't mind 'cuz we've got everything we need here in the Kingdom and we don't have to go anywhere. We've got food and drink and wool and beads and paper and icing sugar and ... well, you get the idea. If we don't have it, we don't need it.

So, we say, "Let it snow!"


We hope your larder is full, too!


  1. Yuck! I remember that icy, slushy stuff that we called snow while I was growing up in Windsor. It's not quite so bad out here in BC's interior. Love your cookies, but they're way too pretty to eat!

  2. Pass me the cookie with the little red bird on it. I think it would go nicely with a cup of tea on this snowy day!

  3. I'm glad that you are taking photos of your cookies! Such works of art need to be preserved in one way or another. And, since not eating them is out of the question, this is a good way. :-) Here on our bit of the shores of Lake Ontario, we had our first snow yesterday. Well, not the first, but the others were sugar-sprinklings which quickly disappeared. This one stuck!

  4. Nothing like beautiful winter scene decorated cookies to take the chill out! These are gorgeous!


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