Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Moving on

Grandma Coco was touched by all the people who sympathized with her massive disappointment of yesterday. Seems like everybody's been there and done that. First thing this morning, with the world all new and frosty and with bright clear sunshine pouring through our windows and with hope in our heart, we went back into the studio and .... nope! still doggy-doo. We will do as suggested though. We'll put that puppy away and just let him hibernate a bit and consider his options. We did not touch a match to him as we might have done years ago. No, we're older and wiser now and realize that every dog does have his day.

However.......... This day is Fun With Cookies Day!!! We've been trying to find our very own take on this cookie decorating adventure. Today, we decided to play. Just play. And not to worry about what might come out of it. Mr. Coco will take care of the mistakes.

We've been fascinated by a couple of cookie decorators who might rightly be called watercolour painters because they paint on a cookie with thinned food colouring in a water colour style. Once Upon a Plate makes delightfully delicate scenes and Arty McGoo just paints wonderful designs. Period. You should go check them out. They look like such fun....but alas, we're not water colourists.

Copyright  ã Cheryl Coville 2012 

We decided to stick to our strengths and we used fine edible ink markers to draw our designs and water colour washes to colour them. We think they're pretty nifty.....and certainly worthy of more investigation.

Yes, it`s the Blow Your Own Horn Lady again. In the Kingdom of Coco, we recycle.
Have a fun-filled day!


  1. Oh my - you've ouotdone yourself this time! The colours are gorgeous, and such fine detail. Surely you and Mr. CoCo are not going to be eating these ones?!? Take a well deserved bow for your edible art.

  2. We've been following along and Arwen & I are totally loving your art cookies! Oh my gosh! "Mama, can we see what the cookie blog has today?" heheh

  3. These are fabulous! I think you have just found your niche in cookie decorating. How wonderful to have your drawing/sketching talents that are so transferable to this medium. I love these cookies.


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