Monday, January 2, 2012

Question for the ages

Why, why, why? We went into our sewing room this morning intent on picking up where we left off on our knitting themed quilt. We were so into it last winter. We knew just where we were going with it. It seemed SUCH A GREAT IDEA!!! New. Fresh. Exciting, even.

Then we were side-lined by the eye thing and we had to dismantle our studio so house guests could actually sleep in there and then other projects beckoned and FINALLY, after that 6-month hiatus, TODAY we get back to it...only to find that it's something we hope we wouldn't step in if we were walking down the street. If you get our drift.

How is it that the brilliant piece you put down one day wakes up the next as such a monstrous dud?


  1. Been there...I have a box in my closet mentally titled: What Was I Thinking?! Try it again another day and your perspective may well change back - at least I hope, as the project was intriguing and unique (much like yourself) and worthy of finish.

  2. Some ideas are meant to be realized and some not. Maybe next year it will leap at you with a new twist! Have yourself a cookie with royal icing and conjure up some new ideas :).
    Stay inspired!

  3. I can't imagine anything you make reminding you of *something you hope not to step in if walking down the street*

    Close the door to the room and go back and take another look in a few weeks, it will probably be lovely and you just caught it at a bad time :)


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