Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pat has his Vanna ...

... we have our Cassie! And now, our lovely assistant will model some delightful new pieces from our 2012 feline collection.....

We thought this one was kinda loud. In fact, we were sort of disappointed in it until our brother dropped by at New Year's and proclaimed it was exactly the kind of thing a belly dancer would wear. Why, yes! That's exactly what we were going for. Thank you.

Oooh, look! Stained glass! You're getting sleepy.....sleepier......ZZZZZZZZ

Remember the little beauty on the bottom? This is the one that ended in a rat's nest of tangled cords. We had thought we'd just cut out the beads and move on but when we looked more closely all that was really wrong was that one of the cords had come unplied. So, we twisted it back up, glued the end and carried on.

1 comment:

  1. They are both lovely. My sister would love the first one and she's not a belly dancer! The salvaged one came out beautiful.


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