Monday, January 16, 2012

Prima Donna

We've been spending inordinate amounts of time trolling bead stores on the internet lusting after the most beautiful of beads. A year ago, we would have laughed if anyone had suggested we'd be so infatuated with beads. But, it's true.

We love them all.

One Perfect Bead
Take this one, for instance. Isn't it fabulous? We found it in the most unlikely of places. The Dollar Store. Yup. Can you believe it? Three of them in a package for $1. We had to pinch ourselves.

We wanted to make a bracelet that would allow it to shine the way it was meant to shine. The centre of attention.

The prima donna

~ xoxo


  1. The white in the floral design on your $ store bead goes perfectly with the little white beads in the band of the bracelet. It's very pretty and the perfect find.

  2. You are so very talented in so very many ways! I am filled with admiration.

    You've made me sorry that, a year ago, while clearing and sorting, I decided I was never going to do more with macramé after making a plant hanger - my only project.

    It never fails. Once I pass something on and no longer have it, that's when I find a good use for it!

    Love your blog and everything that you do!


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