Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What is it they say about lightning?

Seems to us that the general concensus is that lightning never strikes twice in the same spot. However, Grandma Coco thinks we have proof otherwise. Remember the green striped socks from last fall? The ones that turned out to be pretty much identical twins through complete serendipity? Well....

This is the same yarn, Lang Jawoll Magic Superwash which we now believe really IS magic(!) because we are knitting a completely different sock. Different stitch pattern. Different leg length! And most important of all....once again, we did not set out with any intention of making them match.

But look! They do seem to be matching up, don't they? For now.....

We think we've made it absolutely clear in the past that we don't mind the odd fraternal twins socks. This pair that we made for our brother is a pretty good example of that. At New Year's when he visited, we looked down to see one fluorescent purple toe shining out from under his pant leg. The other was more quietly visible. That's what happens when you knit 2 socks from one skein of wool. You pays your nickel and you takes your chances.

But TWO freakishly matched sock experiences in one liftetime?? Maybe we should have been buying those lottery tickets all along.

And, speaking of luck ..... we've had some very good luck at our bird feeder. This morning, we noticed Mrs. Cardinal in the tree and the Mister at the feeder. It's so heartening to see his bright red self at our feeder slugging it out with all the other birds. Photos to follow if we can get close enough. They're very skittish. However, we have a rather robust crowd of Mourning Doves this year and here's their picture because they are really very bold. Cassie would dearly like to wipe the grins off their smug little faces.

Ah, live and let live, little Cassie!

~ Wishing you all a very lucky day, too!

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  1. I think it's unique that the toes of the socks are different...great conversation starters too! A little envious that you have Mr & Mrs Cardinal visiting. So pretty to look at. Our morning doves aren't quite as robust as yours however. What are you feeding them? Just curious.


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