Saturday, January 28, 2012

January Sunset

Copyright © Cheryl Coville 2012

We have hesitated to post this cookie. We keep thinking it's maybe not the fairest cookie in the land BUT there's something we really like about it. Maybe it's the colours or maybe it's the shine... Or maybe we're just delusional. :)

We're still experimenting after all. The Birds-at-our-feeder cookies were iced with a new recipe. It's Cookie Crazie's recipe. Sort of. After the tooth-crunching experience with the Snow Dudes, we decided we'd like to try a recipe that didn't include egg whites. Cookie Crazie's recipe is simple. Where we think we may have messed up is that she says if the icing is too thick, you should add more corn syrup. When we mixed it up, we thought water might be the quicker thinner. And it was! However, the icing dried with weird cloudy patches. And now we know. Cookie Crazie said "corn syrup" for a reason. When will we learn? (That's rhetorical.) January Sunset is iced with corn syrup enhanced icing.

If you're into cookie decorating, you can find her recipe here.  And, even if you're not a cookier (how cool is that for a job description?) take at look at her cat cookies. (Scroll to the end of the post.) They are adorable!!!

~ Live and learn!


  1. I absolutely love this one Cheryl!!!! So, how much weight has Grandma Coco gained since beginning this cookie craze? lol
    Stay inspired!

  2. IS THAT A COOKIE ? ? ?! ! !

    Oh that is beautiful! Oh I love yellow skies. Oh Cheryl WOW WOW WOW. You are bursting with TALENT!

    ~Monika & Arwen

  3. What a beauty this is, really a gorgeous cookie!

  4. You're not delusional, Cheryl! It's yet another beautiful, impressive work of art!

    I repeat - What talent!

  5. With that wonderful new cutter and your new found icing recipe you have created another gorgeous cookie. This January sunset scene is stunning!

  6. Umm, Cheryl? WHY IN THE WORLD would you NOT like this cookie?! It's BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the natural edges of the icing!

  7. I just came from Monika's blog (My Sweet Prairie) and your cookie reminded me of the "Glow" piece she is working on! Your cookie is waaaaay to beautiful to eat (yes, I know we've been over this before but I stand my ground.)


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