Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine for Mr. Coco

CoCoMan Socks Copyright © Cheryl Coville 2012
We suppose we could have chosen flowers or candy....or even cookies....but in the end, there's nothing like a good pair of wool socks to keep a man happy. These socks have been in the works for a while now and Mr. Coco's had his eye on them all this time. For one thing, they're grey and that's pretty close to his favourite colour (which is black!). He's the original Mr. Conservative that way. For another thing, the pattern  stitch is very classic ....not lacey or froofroo at all. (We're not actually sure that's the correct spelling of "froofroo" but we think everyone will understand.)

Just look at that patterned heel!

From our point of view, these socks were very fun to knit. There's a mock cable thing going on that keeps the knitting going. And the heel flap!!! Oh, the heel flap. It's not boring at all. It showcases that fancy stitch pattern all the way down to the ground.

Here they are as we headed toward the heel of the second sock.

We used Lang Jawoll Magic Superwash and once again had tremendous luck with the stripes matching from one sock to the other. It's a really lovely wool to knit with and we have one more ball in our stash. It's beige to browns so that will be another pair of great socks to look forward to.

We want to thank our friend Kate for test knitting this pattern.

If you'd like to knit your man (or maybe yourself!) a pair of CoCoMan socks for Valentine's Day or any other occasion, we've loaded the pattern into our Ravelry store where it's available for immediate download for only a toonie! (That's two dollars for all you non-residents of the Kingdom of Coco.)

CoCoMan Socks Pattern

~ Happy Valentine's Day!

PS...Only one more sleep until we unveil our new project!!


  1. Wow. Those are the most beautiful socks and that heel...oh my,it's perfect. Your husband cannot help but feel loved. Happy Valentine's Day, Grandma Coco.

  2. Mine are nearly finished. I had them at my craft group today, and all the ladies were admiring them. The sock looks very complicated, but is actually really easy to knit. You can see a picture of my first sock on Ravelry, attached to the pattern page.


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