Sunday, February 26, 2012

Never a straight line

Like the course of true love, knitting projects rarely run least in our experience. Sigh.

Cool button, right?
Our keyhole design detail was supposed to fall smack dab in the middle of the back of the hand, just above the wrist. Due to a basic misunderstanding on our part of where the thumb is situated, the keyhole isn't where we'd intended. We went to bed last night thoroughly annoyed.

Grandma Coco was soundly scolding Cheryl because, really, who else should know where her thumb is located? However, when we got up this morning, photographed the offending mitten and then saw it on the monitor, we both thought, "Not so bad, really. In fact, kind of a cool design feature this off-centre keyhole." So, we just have to reverse it for the left-hand mitten.

"Not so fast," said Cheryl. "What about that wonky edging on the liner?" Oh, yeah. That's gonna be a problem alright. Because it's stockinette, it's tending to curl over onto itself. We had thought that a crocheted edging would straighten that right out but.....Nope!

Right now we're thinking of cutting that part off, picking up live stitches and attempting life support with a knitted-on edging. Originally, we had thought something more ruffled anyway. This may be the universe giving us a second chance. That is if the universe cares which it probably doesn't.

Also, that attached I-cord turned out to be way fussy when we were trying to pick up the stitches around the curved keyhole. Additional attention may be required there. Stay tuned.

This morning Grandma Coco slept in a little bit and when she awoke, the lovely Cassie was not in her usual spot on the bed. Hmmmm.....where could she be? Smart little cookie that she is, Cassie was lounging in the one sun-filled spot in the whole house. She'd decided to start her Florida vacation early and as the sun moved throughout the morning, so did Cassie....from sunny spot to sunny spot.

"Hey, where's that waiter with my breakfast?"
~ Winter holiday greetings from the sunny Kingdom of Coco!


  1. I really like the off center keyhole design :).
    Stay inspired!

  2. I love the off centre keyhole too! I think they look great!

  3. If you hadn't of mentioned in the earlier post where you wanted the keyhole opening to go one would have thought that this is where is was supposed to go. I love the finished look of this mitten and your button is beautiful.


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