Monday, March 19, 2012

Guest blogger today

Hi! Cassie, here! And do I ever have a good project for you!!!

I have observed that you knitterly crafty types seem to have an inordinate fondness for project bags. You keep a skein of yarn in one, a sock in another. You seem to think this makes you organized. Well, that may be.......

The Little Lady keeps bringin' me bags and bags of treats. (I have her well trained.) Ever since I first saw these packages I knew they'd make a wonderful project bag for her. I've been doin' my darndest to empty those pretty little pouches. It's a dirty job but as they say, someone's gotta do it if you're gonna have a project bag. If you aren't lucky enough to be owned by a cat, you may not know what I'm talkin' about. They're foil and they're bright and shiny and generally have handsome cats printed on them. Inside, they're full of deliciousnesssss.

When I took an inventory this morning, I was pretty sure we had enough.

Yup!! Lots!!

Now, ya just have to arrange them for the front and back of the bag. This is pretty much what I like to call a grab and chomp operation. (You may know it by the term "slash and burn". To each species, his own lingo, I say.) I overlap the edges of the bags and then zig-zag them in place.

I use RED thread 'cuz I love red!!! Do what makes ya happy!

Gosh, this project smells great!!

Lookin' good!

Once I have the front and the back of the bag assembled, I ziggedy-zag over the top edge and don't forget the ribbon handles! I figure I ought to warn you, it's best to add the handles at this point when everything's flat.

The sides are next. Just overlap enough bags to get the right length. Easey-peasey!

Find the centre of the bottom of the bag and line it up with the middle of the side.  Stitch across the bottom of the side. Stitch the sides of the bag from the top down and, in true feline fashion!....don't worry if there's a bit of a gap. We cats don't sweat the small stuff!!

And's all small stuff.  :)

Finally.......Voilà!  Here's the finished bag. Hope the Little Lady likes it. 

So, this is Cassie signing off....... Wishing you a day full of treats!!!

Oh, and while I have you here......Hi to Lulu and Lucy and Marissa. 
Hello to Polly. Yo, Mortimer! 
and a big cyber MeeeeYow to all my other feline friends, too numerous to list. 
Psst! Remember....Stay calm. Be brave.Wait for the signs. ;)

....... and Cassie, too!


  1.'s about time you posted! I've been waiting for it. First off, I have to tell you how beautiful you are. We have a soft spot in this house for calicos and you are one of the loveliest we've seen (since Catee). Secondly, a bag- how did you know?! We love bags! We have been inside every single bag that's come into this house since I did. Having one that smells of treats is an unbelievable bonus. I will make sure my slave (errr...master)makes one of these for me. I don't know why she never thought of this herself. Honestly, that woman needs help.

  2. The previous note came from Polly; she was too excited to leave her paw print :)

  3. From Mortimer:
    I don't think I can eat enough kitty treats to get the back of the bag made, before I go to my forever home. I will start a collection but the guys who come after me will have to do their bit.

  4. From "Sparkle" (aka "kitty"), ...TREATS?! you get TREATS?! All I get is lousy diet food!! That bag looks like it'd be a great place to crawl inside of and take a nap!

  5. Cassie I just love what you made! So creative and you write a lovely post. By the way, my dog Max folds his front paws just like you do:) P.S. You are very photogenic!


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