Thursday, March 15, 2012

Winning and losing and trying again

Well, all the votes are in and counted in the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Camp 2012 T-shirt design contest and ... sad to say, we didn't win. :( However, we are Winners by any definition because we had such great support from all of you who voted for our drawing. We were very touched that so many supported us and we had a great time. AND in the end, Tina of Blue Moon Fiber Arts has decided to send each of us finalists a skein of sock yarn. Totally unexpected!! And very, very sweet.

So, what's next, you ask?

Oscars Challenge 2012
sponsored by

Ice Queen by Cheryl Coville

We buy a lot of beads from BelloModo. They have a great selection and they only charge one dollar to send an order (of any size!) to us in the Kingdom (Canada). They're sponsoring a challenge where they invited everyone to create a piece of jewelry that was inspired by the Oscars. 

Ours is inspired by Gwyneth Paltrow's fabulous white dress, cape and cuff. We thought we'd like to make a cuff. We worked 2 identical beaded micro macramé bracelets and wove them together as we went, finishing by connecting them at the button end. There are 2 loops and 3 antique buttons. 

We think it turned out pretty well. It's (lucky) #13 on the BelloModo blog and, just like the T-shirt graphic contest, anyone can vote. If you're curious, please click on over and choose your fave.

As well, this piece is an orphan right now, in search of a home. $30. Email us if you're interested. (Big Cartel turned out to have one teeny, tiny problem ... the free version doesn't allow inventory control so theoretically (at least), several people could all buy this bracelet before we knew to take it off the shelf. :( And since they're one-of-a-kind bracelets, that just won't work.


  1. I designed my dress for the Oscars many years ago (hope it still fits!). When I get the call, I hope you will make me one of your stunning bracelets to match. LOVE the bracelet,'s so Zelda and F. Scott.

  2. Good luck with this contest. I think your bracelet is lovely and worthy of the prize ;)

  3. Cheryl, this bracelet is beautiful!
    --- I'm using real earthy clay, but have you seen this with polymer--- on morna's blog,


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