Monday, March 26, 2012

Tennis socks, anyone?

Corduroy Roads Socks

The socks are finished just in time for a return to more normal March temperatures. No matter, so long as the courts aren't covered with snow, Mr. Coco will be out playing with his tennis buddies.

He has approved these socks. They are snug-fitting so they won't bunch up under his foot and cause irritation.

They have the corrugated ribbed heel flap which provides cushioning for the heel and we made the heel flaps a little deeper than normal so they protect his heels completely.

Next up.....Corduroy Roads Socks for us even though we don't play tennis.


  1. Mr. Coco sounds like my husband with his golf buddies. His socks look comfy and the ribbed heel is very neat!

  2. What a cool effect for the rib. Your needles fly as quickly as your brain, Cheryl!

  3. wow those are some really cool socks!

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