Monday, March 12, 2012

Yo, ho, ho and a barrel of rum!

Arrrgh! Whatever your beverage of choice, you're gonna need a mug, matey.
Copyright © Cheryl Coville 2012

We've stocked the shelves of our Zazzle store with knitting pirate mugs. 
You can customize it, if you'd like, by changing the style of mug 
 maybe choosing one with a coloured interior and a matching handle.

You can even add someone's name to the other side.
(If you have any trouble with that, just ask and we'll make one up for you.)

Here's the direct link to the mug:

Here's how it works: we upload our drawing to the Zazzle site and you deal with Zazzle to order your mug. 
Zazzle ships out your mug and we get a royalty payment for the use of our image. Simple.

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