Saturday, April 28, 2012

Red Hot Chili Pepper Bracelet

We've been playing with polymer clay. It's amazing. So cheap and you can do so much with it, so easily. We made these round, disk beads. We had thought there'd be a steeper learning curve but we're really happy with these beads.

They're about 1/2 inch in diameter. We didn't bother to sand them. We just jumped right to dipping them in Future Floor Wax. We had our doubts because, really, it just seemed too easy. But, look! They're pretty right?

So, we made them right up into a bracelet. Quick! Before they could get away.

And look at this lovely bead we had in our stash. Just one lonely bead and perfect for this project.
This bracelet measures 8 inches long.


  1. Wow. Another beautiful bracelet, and I love your choice of colours. But what does Cassie think? For a second there, you almost had me convinced that I should dig out my packages of polymer clay, but simply having a yen to play in the mud doesn't make one talented. You make it look (and sound) so easy!

  2. Great colours, and so aptly named!

  3. wow that bracelet is breath taking. great work!

  4. You have such a great eye for colour and design. This one is yet another gorgeous bracelet.

  5. This bracelet is lovely. you tempt me to try and use the clay from my kids and make some beads to use on a quilt.

  6. Like Heather, you tempt me to try out making beads but more so bracelets... I am off to the library to see what I can find in simple beading instruction books... and maybe a stop at the craft store to try out the bead making idea too...

  7. I love this bracelet...the colours!!!!!

  8. Can I buy one?


    1. Char, I don't have any way to get back to you. :( I'm sorry that I don't currently have any bracelets for sale, but thanks very much for asking.


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