Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We often talk about Hoarders, the TV show, and our fears of seeing ourselves there. It's an irrational fear because Mr. Coco would never let that happen. No, we mean he'd never let them through the door. :)  (Joke!) We DO tend to be a bit pack ratty. As evidence, we offer this, from the depths of our studio:

It's a perfectly good container made of glass (not plastic) with a metal lid (not plastic) that once held lip balm. It's tiny and doesn't take up much room so we figure why not put it aside to see what good might come of it? Right? You do it, too, don't you?

Well, here's what came of it once we applied a little polymer clay:

And just for the record, it has a new purpose in life. Can you guess what that might be? (Apart from being pretty, that is.)

We will never lose our thimble again.

Pack rats everywhere, unite!!


  1. Lovely! A tiny, perfect thimble-keeper. Or delica bead keeper. Or...!

    P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog, too, and for your kind words. :-)

  2. You struck a chord today! Having been raised by a mother and grandmother who experienced the Great Depression, those lessons of never throwing out anything that can become remotely useful, have stuck! I'm learning not to hang on to so much, but it's not easy. When plastic bags first appeared, and were meant to be disposable, of course, my Mom and Grandma washed them after every use and hung them on the clothesline to dry. That's just one example of their "Waste not; want not!" mentality. You have made a beautiful thimble-keeper! Love it!

  3. Beautiful re-purposing of a great little jar. I did not know that you also worked with clay!

  4. Oh oh...I'm covering my eyes with my left hand as I type so I can't see how sweet this little jar is...otherwise I will start saving even MORE things...Maria's comments above is so familiar as that's the household I grew in also.


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